‘Pretty Surreal’: Jordan Spieth’s Mistake at the Dell Match Play Becomes a ‘Blessing’ for a Fan, the Golf World Reacts

Accidents happen at the greens when sometimes golf balls hit the spectators. Despite the safety measures, some things are just not in our hands. However, some accidents become a story you want to cherish forever. The memorable incident for a fan happened at the WGC-Match Play. Jordan Spieth gave a fan from the gallery a memory he will never forget. The video went viral, and the golf world reacted to the incident.

Why is the fan thankful to Jordan Spieth?
The Instagram handle of the PGA Tour posted an interview of a fan who incurred a material loss during WGC-Match Play. But he is not sad about it, in fact, his excitement reached beyond the clouds. The fan started narrating the incident and said, “We’re sitting there on the 7th behind the green. I’m watching Jordan tee off, you know, excited to see Jordan play.” He added, “And he tees off and watching him swing, everybody, saying, hey, it’s coming along. It’s coming long. Next I know, it feels like somebody’s dead.“

Everyone thought it hit his leg, but later the fan realized it hit his mobile phone. The screen was shattered, and he even showed it to the camera during the interview. Spieth started walking up to chip, but before that, he had a business to attend to. The PGA Tour pro came to his fan and apologized. The three-time major championship winner said, “We’re going to get in contact after the round. Is that cool?” It clearly mesmerized the fan.


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