‘You Can’t Do That’: Golf World Calls Out Scottie Scheffler For Cheating

Scottie Scheffler is one of the most renowned names in the golf world. The star player who turned professional in 2018 has won many laurels, including his glorious Masters win in 2022. His efforts and skills have enabled the pro to register some phenomenal victories in such a short time. Hence, the golfer comfortably ranks 2nd at the OWGR board right now.

Such glory is often accompanied by its fair share of scrutiny from fans and experts. Every single move on and off the field is for the public to comment on, especially if that action was carried out on the greens. Scottie has found himself in a similar situation, and the golf fans were quick to react to his suspicious activity on the links!

Fans call out Scottie Scheffler for his rule violation

Rules ensure fairness in the game. But, when golf enthusiasts saw the recent video of Scheffler moving some loose items on the field, they couldn’t help but question the player’s actions.


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