Paige Spiranac’s Business Rival Claire Hogle Adds Yet Another Feather to Her Portfolio Just Days After Exciting Announcements

Paige Spiranac has been a social media sensation for a long time now. The star rose to fame as a golf influencer and has since then been followed diligently by many golf lovers. However, she might not be the only internet golf celebrity in business with a strong fanbase. Claire Hogle also added her name to that list in 2015.

Since then, Claire has found her place within the golf community, and it seems to be a pretty comfortable one. The rising diva is not only skillful as an influencer, but also as a golfer. This deadly combination has allowed Hogle to capture the attention of many, from big brands to other social media influencers, everyone seems to be wanting to work with her. Further, allowing the social media icon to sign some successful collaborations, including the one shared by her on her Instagram handle yesterday.

The success achieved by the social media star, Clair Hogle has just started. As the young influencer follows the similar professional lines as the queen of golf’s social media, Paige Spiranac. It is not unlikely to see her give a tough competition to her rival. Among many announcements made by the influencer in the past few weeks, she has added another exciting partnership to it. In their recent post, palmgolfco uploaded a video of Claire in a loose sweatshirt and leggings, swinging a golf club.


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