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Camila Giorgi: “On social media I share my femininity”

Camila Giorgi shared few tennis shots on her Instagram profile, and many photos of herself. The Italian has given her social profile a precise line, made up of personal shots, some of these provocative, others simple photos that represent her life, basically far from the tennis court.

The tennis player, who was number one in Italy and won a 1000 title in her career, explained this choice in an interview with teh Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

She explained: “My life is not just sports. Tournaments, results and cups can be shared on other channels, but on social I like to share another kind of thing.

My femininity, my being a woman, even a blouse that I like, if I like.” Camila, however, has the same vision on her private life on her Instagram profile as Jannik Sinner: for that there is no it’s space. “Private life no, that’s just mine.

I consider myself an introverted person, this is how I tell myself. They are just photos,” said the blue tennis player.

Camila Giorgi on the vaccine issue
Still leaving the tennis theme, Camila Giorgi was at the center of the debate when her doctor was entered in the register of investigations for false anti-Covid vaccinations.

She also relapsed into the investigation, Camila Giorgi explained that her name was mentioned by the doctor to hype, but in reality she is certain of her innocence.

“The investigation concerns the doctor, not me. I’m vaccinated in several places, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to play in these months.

For me this story is over, I’m calm,” said the Italian tennis player in the interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

In terms of tennis, however, the Italian tennis player will return to the field in two WTA 1000 tournaments on red clay: she starts with the Madrid tournament, and then arrives in Rome, the home tournament where Giorgi should be the second Italian seed.


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