Paige Spiranac feels proud for using her boobs to be successful as an influencer

eople who hate on women influencers who use their bodies to make an income tend to be the ones in the wrong side of history. Criticizing a woman for this is extremely unfair and it only creates more barriers towards not only models but also sex workers who are just trying to make a living.



Quite often, people like golf influencer Paige Spiranac gets the constant hate online from people who tell her that having boobs is not a talent. But they still admire athletes or someone who was born with a great singing voice. There is a hypocritical aspect to this type of hate that Paige has zero patience for.

As usual, she took to Twitter to complain about these folks who constantly harass her and insult her online. People who hide behind their keyboards and are probably frustrated with life, wishing a woman like Paige would give them the time of day.




Those are the ones she is responding to with this tweet: “It’s funny when people say ‘If you didn’t have big boobs no one would know you’. Okay but I do. It’s not a bad thing to take advantage of what god gave you to be successful. No different than someone being athletic, smart, funny, or creative. We all have a special skill set and should amplify that to our advantage in life.”


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