Novak Djokovic ‘furious’ after rival’s controversial mid-match act

Novak Djokovic has called out British player Cameron Norrie after their Italian Open match turned nasty after a controversial incident during the match. Djokovic has started to find form ahead of the French Open having overcome Norrie’s 6-3, 6-4 challenge to set up a clash against Holger Rune.

The World No.1 was thrilled to reach the quarter-final, but couldn’t help take a dig at Norrie after the match over a divisive issue in the second set. Norrie was down a set and a break when he brought Djokovic to the net with a shot.

Djokovic was forced to dig the ball out and hit a high-looping shot that didn’t go past the service box. As Norrie set up for the smash, Djokovic turned his back having conceded the point was over.

However, Norrie’s smash hit the left leg of Djokovic while his back was turned. Djokovic appeared to be furious as he swung around and stared down Norrie at the net.

Norrie offered a quick apology as jeers rang around the arena in Rome. “I agree, I don’t think there is any malice in this at all from Norrie,” the commentator said.

“He did apologise, I don’t actually think Norrie saw Djokovic turn his back. Djokovic really was not happy. A big stare back at Norrie.”


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