‘He Ain’t Scared’: Ahead of the NFL Draft, ‘Linebacker’ John Daly Picks His Co-Partner in Defense

Birthday boy John Daly’s best years on the Tour might be over, but he remains one of the most influential players in the circuit. The 57-year-old is always the talk of the town, be it with his social media posts, or his quirky takes. With the 2023 NFL Draft coming up, the social media team of the PGA Tour Champions decided to have some fun, which included Daly’s choice for defense with him.

John Daly chooses his first-round NFL Draft
Ahead of the Insperity Invitational on the PGA Tour Champions, numerous golfers were asked about their choice of first-draft players. However, to add some fun element, the selection of players was to be done from the Champions Tour field.

Many were left in a tough spot to figure out their selection. Yet, when it came to John Daly, the ‘Wild Thing’ was his calm self. “Well I would probably be a linebacker,” he confidently claimed. “Although I’m five foot, I can’t run. I would go with, on defense.”

But a good linebacker needs another one to form a great partnership. Who did Daly pick from the Champions Tour to be his pal in defense? “I would, my co-partner would be Darren Clarke,” he said. “He’d be a hell of a linebacker with me. “He ain’t scared to hit anything.”

Furthermore, what else can one expect from Daly’s team? “I’ll tell you what, we’d out drink everybody,” Daly said with a smile.


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