Novak Djokovic called ‘gutsy’ as John McEnroe sends Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal message

Novak Djokovic has been called ‘gutsy’ by John McEnroe for what he was prepared to do to play in this year’s Australian Open. The Serb had been hoping to eclipse both Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal with another Grand Slam triumph Down Under. However, after a lengthy row, he’s now been deported instead.

Djokovic jetted out to Australia believing he’d secured a medical exemption that would allow him to play, despite him not being vaccinated against coronavirus.

However, after a lengthy row, the World No 1 has now been deported from the country instead.

Djokovic has reluctantly accepted the decision and, on Monday, was seen signing autographs for fans in Dubai as the tournament got started without him.

The entire debacle has left a sour taste, however, with many admitting the situation could have been handled better by the authorities.

The American also expressed a belief the Serb had shown just how much he’s willing to go through in order to outdo both Federer and Nadal, his two main rivals.

“The guys won it nine times,” he said.


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