‘What a Clown..’: Golf Fans Left Furious After PGA’s Chief’s ‘Flawed’ and ‘No Matter How Much….’ Stern Remarks on LIV Golf

The whole golfing community was taken aback when the Saudi-funded league was introduced. It changed the face of golf and increased the paychecks of golfers by margins.

LIV Golf has been called many things by many people, even by the most renowned ones. And to add to that list, the Chief of the PGA of America is the most recent person to share his strong take on LIV Golf.

In his recent interview with The Times, Seth Waugh commented harshly on the league and its faulty business model.

Seth Waugh’s harsh criticism of LIV Golf
The chief of PGA of America thinks that LIV Golf’s business model is not a survivable one. The rebel league needs to find ways to reach a settlement stage with the PGA Tour. According to Waugh, the Saudi League has not achieved a lot of success as compared to the money they have invested.

“Their logic about the team play being something significant that people can get behind I think is flawed,” Waugh spoke as mentioned in Golf Monthly . “I don’t think people really care about it. And I don’t see how it’s a survivable business model.”


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