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Despite Facing Massive Disappointment at LIV Golf Singpore, Sergio Garcia and His Team Finds a Reason to Smile in Oklahoma

In the rollercoaster world of professional sports, triumphs and setbacks often walk hand in hand, leaving athletes and their teams on an emotional journey. Sergio Garcia and his talented team recently experienced this rollercoaster ride at the LIV Golf Singapore event. With the top spot tantalizingly close, their hearts raced with anticipation, only to miss it by a hair’s breadth.

However, amidst the disappointment, a glimmer of excitement awaits, like a hidden treasure yet to be unveiled. It’s this mysterious development that has set the entire team abuzz with anticipation, their smiles hiding the secret they can’t wait to share. Despite the heartache of Singapore, Sergio Garcia and his team discover a reason to light up with joy in the enchanting realm of Oklahoma.

During LIV Golf Tulsa press conference, Abraham Ancer, a key member of Garcia’s team, was asked about a new logo adorning their sleeves. With intrigue in the air, Ancer hinted at something remarkable. The logo belonged to Akron, a Mexican company that had recently become their sponsor. What followed was a cascade of intriguing details that shed light on the exciting partnership.

Ancer proudly spoke of Akron as a 100 percent Mexican company, emphasizing the significance of having two Mexican players on the team. The recent collaboration had already borne fruits, with a memorable event held in Mexico where the team witnessed the iconic boxing match of Canelo Alvarez. Ancer said in the press conference, “But yeah, I’m proud to have a company like Akron, 100 percent Mexican company, two Mexican guys on the team. We actually just did an event with them in Mexico this past weekend. We went as a team to go watch Canelo fight. They sponsor the stadium there, as well, and they sponsored the fight. It was a lot of fun.


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