Days After Announcing Her Pregnancy, Brooks Koepka’s Wife Jena Sims Enjoys Gratifying Tradition After Latest Milestone Moment

Jena Sims has always shared a lot about her life and her success with her fans. She also has been pretty open about her life with her husband, Brooks Koepka. The 4 time major winner’s wife is pretty active on social media and is always posting beautiful pictures with her husband, making sure that her fans are always part of her successes and celebrations.



This doesn’t change now! Jena Sims has shared another good news and a follow-up tradition on her Instagram story, and fans just can’t get enough of it.

Jena Sims shares tradition that she follows with her fans



Sims sure knows how to keep fans coming back for home. She knows how to tickle some funny bones as well! Just recently, she shared her hysterical plan of luring Koepka to spend time with her at home during the weekend.

But this time, her post was not just funny, but inspirational as well. She posted a picture of herself wearing a white T-shirt and unbuttoned blue jeans.




Sims has a pretty successful career as a social entrepreneur, model, and actress.On her Insta story, She wrote, “Whenever I book a big job or reach a career goal/milestone that means a lot to me, I get something for myself to commemorate.” She was flaunting her new Steve Madden golf gift that she bought for herself. She did not explicitly inform about her recent milestone but just gave her fans a hint she had achieved one.


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