Tiger Woods lifts the lid on golf comeback during private Jack Nicklaus talks

Tiger Woods is reportedly eyeing a comeback having undergone surgery on his long-standing ankle injury.

Woods was forced to withdraw from the Masters last month after making the cut, with worrying footage showing the golf icon hobbling around the practice green clearly in agony.

After opting not to continue at Augusta, Woods announced he would be undergoing surgery in an attempt to fix the issue, but didn’t give away too many details. As a result, the golfing world was left in the dark over his potential comeback.

There had been speculation Woods would look to retire, going down as arguably the greatest golfer of all time. But Nicklaus believes there’s no way Woods would have had the surgery if he wasn’t planning to return to the course at some point.

“I don’t know a whole lot about what he’s been through,” Nicklaus said.

“We talk quite a bit. He said: ‘I’m really playing well. I’m hitting the ball great. My short game’s great. My putting’s good.


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