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Princess Beatrice’s significant weight loss after ‘upsetting’ pictures were released

Princess Beatrice has battled with her weight in the past, but she is currently known for her extraordinarily slim body. In 2010, the Princess of York partook in the London Marathon which was when her figure began to visibly change. The Princess reportedly lost two stone in preparation for the run.

Since then, she has kept her trim figure and always looks stunning in photos on royal engagements.

Beatrice was upfront about her weight difficulties in her late teens and early twenties when she had a quite different appearance.

The Princess has attributed her ability to maintain her weight loss to a powerful fitness regimen.\

Beatrice was motivated to lose weight after pictures taken of her in a swimsuit on a Saint Barthelemy beach in 2008 were released.

Regarding the images, she stated at the time: “I could probably do with losing the odd pound though, so perhaps it’s the kick I need.

“It was such an unflattering bikini and I’ve got one that’s so much nicer, so I could have kicked myself for wearing it.

“I thought people were a bit mean, although I know it comes with the territory. The trouble is, I don’t have much confidence so it can be quite upsetting,” she told The Daily Mail.


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