‘Told Him Nothing Is Going To Happen’: Stressed Brooks Koepka Gets Exposed by Wife Jena Sims After Airline Hockey Craze

Brooks Koepka may be a four-time major championship winner and one of the best golfers in the world, but it seems like even he isn’t immune to pre-game jitters. Recently, his wife Jena Sims took to Instagram to expose her husband’s anxiety during an airline trip that involved a hockey game.

Pre-game jitters of Brooks Koepka
As the couple traveled on a plane, Jena shared a series of Instagram stories that showed Brooks intently watching an ice hockey game on his phone, looking stressed during airplane announcements, and carefully following the safety video. It’s clear that Brooks Koepka was excited for the game, but also quite anxious about it.

But that was not it. In yet another story, Sims wrote, “I told him nothing is going to happen first ten mins of the game. Have a bet going already.”

For sports fans, this situation may sound all too familiar. We all have that one sport or team that we love so much that it can leave us feeling anxious and nervous before the game even starts. Brooks Koepka’s experience shows that even professional athletes can be affected by the pressure of the game, especially when it comes to their favorite sports.

What makes this situation even more interesting is the fact that Brooks Koepka is a golfer, not a hockey player. This just goes to show that sports enthusiasts can have a passion for multiple sports, even if they’re not actively participating in them.


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