CAM YOURSELVES | Tennis star Camila Giorgi wows her fans with daring underwear photo shoot

Tennis star Camila Giorgi has wowed her fans once again with her latest daring photo shoot.
Giorgi is one of the shining lights on the WTA Tour, but she is equally famous for her love of fashion and her eye-catching fashion shoots.

The Italian claimed the biggest title of her career as she won the Canada Masters last year and has been inside the world’s top 30 when she was playing at her best.

Meanwhile, this daughter of fashion designer Claudia Fullone has always been keen to take her love of stylish clothes onto the court and that has helped her to attract a huge social media following.

Her Instagram account has a following of over 646k, with the 30-year-old always eager to promote her family’s Giomila brand

Now Giorgi has teased her fans with a brief video clip of her latest photo shoot, with the results set to be revealed in the coming weeks.

Some in tennis have suggested Giorgi should focus on tennis and put her fashion shoots on hold and focus on her sport, but she revealed that this is the way she likes to relax away from tennis in an interview last year.

“Fashion has always been my great passion,” she said. “I like sports a lot, but I like fashion more. An obsession that has been passed on to me since I was a child.

“There is no need to justify anything, I would like to say: I am dealing with a professional photographer who knows how to do his job. I like everything and it gratifies me


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