Tiger Woods’ wife Elin has to face facts: Tiger does not love her enough

Poor Elin Nordegren. One minute she’s unbelievably gorgeous, staggeringly wealthy, with two lovely little children and a good-looking, if dull, husband.

The next, she’s exactly the same but with one big difference. That husband sure isn’t dull any more.

Are you a long-locked, any-time-any-place slapper-on-heels? Then Tiger would. And, going by the past few days, probably has.

Elin supposedly caught Tiger texting Mistress No1 Rachel Uchitel: his car crash happened minutes later. Do you think that at any point he

said to his wife,“OK love, hands up. And just to clear the air, there are at least seven other women”?

No way. Tiger is an arrogant man. He’ll have tried to bluff it out with her.

Even now, the story isn’t over: every day a new Tiger-tupped girl pops up, a never-ending stream of Jaimees and Mindys.

No wonder Elin’s mum was taken out by stretcher. I’m surprised Elin didn’t join her. How much more can one wife take?

Whatever his reasons, Elin Nordegren has to face it: her husband may love her but not enough.

He doesn’t love her enough to stop sleeping with other women or to tell her the truth about it.

Elin’s husband doesn’t love her enough. So, really, why should she stay?


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