‘Not Embarrassing At All’: Golf Fans Hilariously React to Enthusiast’s Epic Fail

Golf can be a frustrating sport, especially when it comes to tricky shots near a body of water. That’s exactly what happened in a recent video posted by Breezygolf’s Instagram page. In the video, a man attempts a flop shot near a lake, but unfortunately, the ball goes straight into the water. Breezygolf‘s caption for the video was “Not what you want to see.” Fans had a lot to say in the comments section, and their reactions were priceless.



Golf fans react to hilarious flop shot fail
One fan advised, “Never attempt a flop shot with the water in reach.” Another commented, “Look it’s me whenever I try something I can’t do.” The fan reactions were varied and hilarious, with some poking fun at the man’s swing technique. One fan wrote, “He lines it up on the toe. What exactly did expect the outcome to be besides toeing it right into Debra? ????”



Another fan noted that the man was swinging too hard for the short shot, saying, “Why’s he swinging it full speed for a 5 yard shot?!?” Some fans even sympathized with the golfer’s plight, acknowledging that the shot was difficult to make. “In all fairness, chipping from a downhill lie is one of the hardest shots in golf. But that’s a lot of people watching ????????,” wrote one fan.


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