‘She’s So Cute’: Sergio Garcia’s Daughter Azalea, Whose Name Is an Ode to the Masters, Melts the Hearts of Golf Fans With an Adorable Message

As nail-biting as the sport of golf can be, some precious moments can also bring a smile to our faces. On Friday, golf fans were treated to one such wholesome moment, thanks to LIV’s Sergio Garcia.

Ahead of LIV Singapore, the Spaniard took to Instagram to share an adorable video of his daughter, Azalea. The 5-year-old also had a unique message for everyone who needed a bit of motivation to start their day!

LIV’s Sergio Garcia shares an adorable message with everyone

42-year-old Sergio Garcia is all set to compete at Sentosa Golf Club in Singapore for the upcoming LIV event. The LIV pro, who is also the captain of Fireballs GC, will be heading into the tournament with a positive mindset, and it is all because of his young daughter.

5-year-old Azalea also shares her dad’s affinity for the game of golf. When asked by her mother if she loved golf, she gleefully confirmed, “Yes, I do!” She also had an inspirational message to share, adorably saying, “We try our best, and we never quit!”


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