‘I Like Her a Lot’: After Revealing Their Hollywood Obsession, LPGA Siblings Nelly and Jessica Korda Once Expressed Their Biopic Favorites

LPGA sensation Nelly Korda has been on a roll lately. The 24-year-old finished third at the 2023 Chevron Championship, returning to world no. 1 position for the first time since November.

The young golfer is currently vying to keep her momentum going at the JM Eagle LA Championship, which is underway at the familiar Wilshire Country Club. Her older sister and fellow LPGA pro, Jessica Korda, is also playing at the tournament in Los Angeles.

In the past, the golfing stars once name-dropped the Hollywood actresses they would want to play them on screen. So, who does Nelly Korda want to portray her on-screen? Who will play the older Korda sibling? Let’s find out!

Nelly Korda wants this Hollywood superstar to portray her in a movie
Everyone loves a good old biopic, especially if it draws inspiration from athletes and their on-field heroics. Given the amazing feats Nelly Korda and Jessica Korda have accomplished in the past years, their stories may be turned into a film sooner than you think.


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