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Harry Styles heartbreak as he opens up on ‘not feeling cool enough’ for girlfriend

HARRY STYLES has spoken very openly about one of the songs from his new album, Harry’s House, and how the lyrics are a direct reflection of his own insecurities about his relationship with girlfriend Olivia Wilde. He added that he is “still human” despite his fame.



Former One Direction star Harry Styles has exploded in popularity in recent years. This was expanded further last month after he released his third studio album, Harry’s House, to critical acclaim and a number one spot in more than 25 countries.



Usually, the British singer is usually rather quiet about his song’s lyrics, but he has now opened up about one particular track and its hidden meaning.



Styles recently appeared on the Spout Podcast where he delved into the lyrics of his new album. He spoke specifically about the eighth song on the album: Cinema.

The funky pop hit paints a picture of Harry staring at his lover with great wonder.

The lyrics croon: “I just think you’re cool / I dig your cinema / Do you think I’m cool, too? / Or am I too into you?”

Harry said: “I think it’s, like, when you like someone, that initial phase. Am I doing things right? Before you get comfortable with each other and it’s kinda, like, all of that stuff happens at the start of something.”

Harry’s House was recorded throughout 2020 and 2021 – around the time the star first started a relationship with Olivia. So then, it’s no wonder some of these lyrics contemplate his position in the relationship.

The star was then told that, as a former member of one of the world’s biggest boy bands, nobody could be “too cool” for him.

His reply was surprising.


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