After Her Husband’s Reported $100M Move, Jena Sims Finally Reveals How the WAG Life is Different in LIV Golf Compared to the PGA Tour

Jena Sims’ connection to the PGA Tour began in 2017 when she began dating golfer Brooks Koepka. Since then, the celebrity has been a PGA Tour fixture, frequently showing out to events to encourage Koepka.

Sims, however, made the decision to cut her ties with the PGA Tour and join forces with LIV Golf. In 2021, the American actress transitioned from the PGA Tour to LIV Golf. She made this choice not long after being listed as one of the new golf league’s co-founders. Now 2 years after her alignment with the Saudi-funded league, Sims’ recent remarks regarding the PGA Tour and LIV Golf have alarmed the golf community in light of the impending event in Singapore.

Sims did not hesitate to make headlines in the same way that many LIV stars had recently. Since the league’s stellar performance at the Masters, LIV Golf has been frequently mentioned in the media. However, the Adelaide debut event’s success has added more to their practices. The 34-year-old has now drawn all the attention to herself with her statements regarding the rival league in light of the impending event in Singapore.

The actress recently released a video on her TikTok account from Singapore showcasing her shirt outfit. The video’s title stated, “Shirt dresses confuse the boys”. But that wasn’t the footage that became popular online. The model was questioned by one of her fans in the comments section: “Has the travelling for LIV been more fun than the PGA Tour?”

Sims’ response to this query was what caught everyone’s attention. The American model responded to this query by replying, “In a simple sense, PGA: more frequent domestic travel & back to back events. LIV: less golf events total, and the International events are at amazing countries.”

This amply demonstrates how much the 34-year-old actress enjoys her travels with the league supported by Saudi Arabia. The golf community quickly became interested in this Sims comparison, which quickly gained popularity.


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