‘Needs to Be Brought to Justice’ – Sister Rivalry Takes New Turn as Serena Williams Drops in Unannounced to Blame Elder Sister Venus Williams of Random Thefts

There used to be a time when Venus and Serena Williams were the dominant forces on the WTA Tour. Wherever they went, as singles players or as a team vying for doubles titles, they terrorized their opponents. However, they also terrorized each other from time to time. After all, their tennis success can’t ever do away with the fact that they are sisters.

Serena recently took to TikTok to provide fans with an insight into the kleptomaniac tendencies that sister Venus possesses. In the post, she took viewers through a comprehensive list of items that Venus has apparently stolen from her. The long list also included an adorable dog.

When it comes to Venus and Serena Williams, there’s no end to the sibling rivalry

Some sibling rivalries come to an end, but that definitely isn’t the case with the Williams sisters. In Serena’s elaborate TikTok post, she shared with her fans how her sister has a peculiar habit of making Serena’s things her own.

An Instagram user shared Serena’s post as a reel, and in it, a complaining Serena showed viewers around her home gym. She said, “I have to confess. My sister is a thief. Here’s evidence.” Following this statement, she turned the camera towards her ultra-colorful set of working balls. According to Serena, some of the balls were missing. However, she went on to say, “But I’m trying not to complain and be positive here.”


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