Tiger Woods slammed after ex-partner’s claims: He is a flawed person in terms of relationships

Former Tiger Woods partner Rachel Uchitel has invited the famous golfer’s latest ex, Erica Herman, to participate in her podcast ‘Miss Understood’.

The upcoming episode is set to be released on Tuesday, with Uchitel joking that the two men could just stay silent throughout half an hour.




It has to be noted that both Uchitel and Herman put pen to paper on nondisclosure agreements with Woods in 2009 and 2017, respectively.

However, the latter has filed a lawsuit asking for her NDA to be removed, citing a law that allows such agreements to be nullified if there’s proof of sexual assault or harassment.



“We can both sit in silence for 30 minutes courtesy of Tiger Woods,” Uchitel told The Post.

“I think everyone wants to know who she is, right? Listen, I think it’s very interesting what’s going on. I’m curious as to why she’s doing this publicly. I have a lot of questions for her.”




Herman and Woods reportedly broke up last year, with the former claiming that the golf player tricked her into leaving the property under the guise of going on a short vacation.

It has been reported that Herman filed a landlord complaint back in October, explaining that Woods refused to let her back in the mansion.

“He probably said to [people who work for him], ‘Hey, I’ve got this problem, will you take care of it?’ So perfunctory, and heartless to me,” alleged Curt Sampson, author of two books on Tiger Woods.

“I think Tiger’s quite a flawed person in terms of relationships. That may just be the fallout of being so damn good and so very dedicated to his


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