‘Try to Hit It…’: Wife Jena Sims Publicly Trolls Brooks Koepka Following His Words of Caution for Her About the Adelaide Event

Brooks Koepka has undoubtedly been stealing a lot of the golf world’s light. Following his incredible recent performances on LIV Golf and his even better Masters run earlier this month, many eyes are on him, waiting to see what comes next. While the 4-time major winner sits in the limelight on the course, off it, his wife Jena Sims has stolen the show. And with her most recent hilarious public ridicule of the golf pro, she’s bound to garner even more attention.

Jena Sims taunts Brooks Koepka about his game
The American actress’ fame has been rapidly growing lately thanks to her funny and cute content on social media, which almost always included Koepka. And similarly, her most recent post did too. Posting on TikTok, she uploaded a video of her dancing. Fortunately for the fans, there was more!

The video she has uploaded features a one-line hilarious conversation between her and her husband. “Try not standing in the landing zone out there; the fairways are super narrow,” Brooks had said to her about the course of the Grange Golf Club. And while an ordinary wife may have thanked Koepka or even agreed, the gorgeous and witty Sims was anything but ordinary.


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