‘Pushed Me to Push Myself’: Years After Their High Profile Break-Up, Tiger Woods’ Ex GF Lindsey Vonn Praises Another Golf ‘Legend’ for Achieving a Massive Milestone

Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn stole the hearts of every golf fan in 2013 when they publicly announced their relationship. And when they broke up in 2015, the fans mourned. It’s safe to say that their relationship earned Vonn quite a huge audience in the golf world. But surprisingly, it wasn’t her first dance with a golf legend. In fact, she had been inspired by another golf legend long ago, whom she recently voiced her huge admiration for on the achievement of a 2-decade-old milestone!

Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend voices admiration for another golf great
Lindsey Vonn, the Olympic ski legend, garnered quite a bit of attention in the golf world during the time she dated Tiger Woods and even more so after their public split. But close to a decade before that, the golf world had already had a huge impact on her. And in it, one pro specifically: Annika Sorenstam.

Back in May 2003, Sorenstam became the first woman to compete in a PGA Tour event in over 58 years. The golf pro had received an invitation to the Colonial. And her acceptance to compete with the men left the entire golf world shaken. Fans were surprised, and the entire golf community was divided between supporting or standing against her choice.

But regardless of her reason for playing, she had changed one thing for certain: the mindset of thousands of women who watched her take to the men-filled field. Vonn was among those women. Recently, reminiscing about that moment, Vonn took to Instagram and posted a story about the news talking about the 20-year-old incident. “Such a legend,” she wrote, tagging Annika. “You pushed me to push myself and SO many other girls/women.”


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