Jordan Spieth’s Wife Shares an Adorable Photo of Their Dog Embracing the Newborn

Jordan Spieth and Annie Verret are thrilled after entering parenthood. A few months ago, Spieth and Verret announced they were expecting their first child and the dream turned into a reality on November 14. The Spieth family has been filled with joy ever since, and that includes their black labrador Silo!

Spieth and Verret have been raising the dog since 2018, the year they got married. From then to now, Silo has grown from being a cute puppy to a handsome dog. With Sammy Spieth coming into the world, there are all the more reasons for Silo to celebrate with his human parents!

Jordan Spieth shares a post made by his wife on Instagram
Jordan Spieth made a social media post yesterday announcing the world about the birth of his son Sammy. Spieth waited a few days after the birth of his son before he broke out the news. So did his wife Annie Verret.

After bringing her son back home, Verret shared a photo of her dog Silo all cuddled up alongside Sammy. The picture was incredibly cute, but since Verret’s Instagram account is private, a lot of fans missed out on it. However, that’s when Jordan Spieth came to the rescue – he shared his wife’s post on his IG story.


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