‘Like the World Is Ending’: Paige Spiranac Comes Clean on ‘Nudity’ and Blames the Golf Industry for Its ‘Conservative and Stuffy’ Nature

Social media darling Paige Spiranac has amassed millions of followers over the past years. Earlier this year, the golfing influencer’s decision to launch her “OnlyPaige” website greatly delighted her loyal fans.

The subscription-based website allows Spiranac’s fans to gain access to her golf tutorials, behind-the-scenes footage, peeks into her everyday life, and more. However, the 30-year-old beauty has had to time and again fend off questions regarding the content featured on her platform. On Thursday, she took to Instagram to clear up her fans’ doubts, mentioning the one thing she will “never” do on her new site.

From discussing subscriptions to the type of content, Paige Spiranac cleared up a lot of doubts pertaining to her site. Answering one question from a follower, the beauty also revealed the one thing which is a big no-no for her.

The ex-pro-golfer confirmed that there will be “no nudity on OP.” “There will never be any nudity on OP. No shame to anyone who is doing that, but I don’t feel comfortable doing that,” said Spiranac. “I want to provide more value. Golf instruction is something that I am really good at, and that I want to do.”

However, Spiranac added that OnlyPaige will treat subscribers to eye-catching photos of her. “There are very sexy pictures on there. Sexier than I put on here, but there is no nudity.”


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