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Sexiest Woman Alive Paige Spiranac Once Revealed An ‘Easy to Eat’ Food Her Mother Would Forcefully ‘Feed’ Her on the Golf Course

Tales of mothers’ love are as old as time itself. The sport of golf too saw stories of a parent’s love often surface. One such story was narrated by the stunning golfer, Paige Spiranac. In her podcast, ‘Playing a Round with Paige Renee,’ she once opened up about a time when her mother would ensure she stayed “hydrated” even when she was on the course, in the most amusing way possible.

Before becoming a huge internet sensation, Spiranac was a professional golfer. Despite her tremendous skill and love for the sport, her professional career did not last very long. The golf beauty still plays the game as often as possible and holds an enormous influence in the golf community.

Spiranac revealed in her podcast in April 2021 that she would frequently lose her appetite before games due to nervousness. She said, “Normally for breakfast, I would get so nervous it was hard for me to have an appetite.” but her mother found that unacceptable. She would “force feed” her a banana before the round and tell her that she had to stay hydrated on the course.

The Instagram model added that it didn’t just stop at bananas; her mother would also feed her baby food. “My mum used to feed me baby food, like actual baby food as snacks on the golf course,” she stated. Spiranac explained it wasn’t the typical “mushy baby food,” but was actually meat sticks that were “high in protein and easy to eat” on the course.


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