‘No Reason Why He Can’t..’: Hours After Dissapointing Tiger Woods Update, Expert’s Remarks Reveal a Postive U-Turn In the Surgery Saga

Tiger Woods’ withdrawal from the Masters Tournament was a forced one, but the injury eventually required ankle surgery to reduce his pain. The move has cast doubts over his participation in events down the line, with many fearing it to be the beginning of the end to the golf legend’s illustrious career. However, an expert in the field has claimed the surgery will be beneficial for Woods and could spark an incredible comeback in the golfer’s twilight years.

Foot And Ankle Surgeon holds high hopes for sensational Tiger Woods comeback
For the unversed, Woods decided to opt out of continuing for the weekend at the Masters Tournament, where he maintained his record of making the cut as a professional. He was seen limping in pain during the tournament, which subsequently forced him to a subtalar fusion surgery.

The new operation will allow Woods to play pain-free after complete rehabilitation. But given his age, is it too late for the golf legend to make a comeback to the sport? Speaking to ‘Golf Monthly’, foot and ankle surgeon and consultant Nima Heidar spoke otherwise.

“There’s no reason why he can’t be absolute top of the game again,” the expert boldly claimed. “There’s two things about him which are incredible. One of them is him. And there’s no substitute for his hunger and his desire to be the best and to continue to be the best and to win. But also he’s surrounded himself with an incredible team that will facilitate that desire in him.”


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