Exclusive: Andy Murray opens up about fatherhood and reveals future aspirations for his kids

He boasts an incredible career in tennis, spanning nearly three decades. So it comes as no surprise that Sir Andy Murray would love for his children to follow his passion in the sport – even though he will be happy with whatever career they pursue. Speaking to HELLO! following the launch of his collaboration with TRR Nutrition, the 32-year-old shared: “I think the more important thing for me is helping them find something to do that they both really love. I’ve been lucky in my life in finding a passion and being able to live that dream every day of my life.”

The Scottish athlete, who shares three children – daughters Sophia, three, and one-year-old Edie, and newborn son Teddy – with wife Kim Sears, confessed that he still loves the game today just as much as he did when he first started playing. “I still get as much out of playing tennis matches today as when I started out, and having a break for the surgery has made me realise just how much I love the game,” he explained. “If my girls find their passion and are able to live their lives fulfilling that passion, then that would make me happy.” Andy, who spoke to us before the birth of his son in October, is one of the most successful British sports stars of all time, becoming the first British male tennis champion since the 1930s. He won Wimbledon for the first time in 2013 before repeating his success in the 2016 tournament.

Asked whether his daughters are showing any talent for tennis, Andy replied: “Not yet – they are both still pretty young. They are surrounded by tennis players in the family on both sides so they may end up playing tennis but right now, we’re just happy with them trying lots of sports and seeing what they enjoy.”

Despite his eldest daughter’s keenness for the sport, little Sophia is yet to understand how famous her father is. “No I don’t think they fully understand what daddy does for a job yet,” he added. “We do have the TV on at home when I’m playing matches.” However, Andy cannot wait for the day until his children can cheer him on from the sidelines. “I’ve wanted them to come and watch me play for a while now, so hopefully we can make that happen soon,” the sportsman confessed.


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