‘Doesn’t Misbehave…’: Hours After Demanding an Apology, Nelly Korda Jokingly Gives a Subtle Warning to Her Caddie

Despite being only 24, Nelly Korda has already left her mark on the golf world. With one major win and an Olympic gold medal to her name, she is arguably one of the best LPGA stars currently playing the sport. But fans love her not just for her golf skills but also for her passion for life off the court. And recently they witnessed one such moment involving the LPGA pro, her caddie, and her “poor baby,” about whom Korda has now made a hilarious and hopeful confession.

Nelly Korda laughs off her Instagram antics
From posting her controversial food choices on her social media to hilariously taking down her caddy, the world No. 2 has garnered a lot of attention from the fans of late. And her video from yesterday only brought her more!

Korda had taken to Instagram to post a video of her caddie, Jason McDede, using her wedge and trying to hit a shot near a lake. While he missed the shot twice, the LPGA star was cracking up in the background. But that certainly didn’t last long, for she followed up that post with a photo of her club with scratches at the toe. “He also needs to apologize to my wedge,” she wrote. “Poor baby has never been hit like that.”

Well, it turns out McDede did apologize! Fortunately for the fans, Korda’s jokes still weren’t over on the matter. “He apologized. It’s been cleaned,” she stated, laughing, at the Tuesday interview ahead of the Chevron Championship. And luckily for the 24-year-old, the cleaning had gotten rid of the marks on her “baby”.

But the jokester of course had to take one last dig at her caddie too. “Hopefully my wedge doesn’t misbehave this week after the treatment it got yesterday,” she said, hilariously warning him that any mishits could just be his fault


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