Besides Influencing His Career, Tiger Woods Narrates How a ‘Monumental Moment’ with His Late Father Gave Birth to a Trademark Celebration

It is no secret that Tiger Woods shared a very close bond with his father, Earl Woods. In fact, had it not been for his dad, perhaps the golf legend may have never taken to the game. And until Woods Sr.’s unfortunate demise in 2006, the two could almost always be spotted on the course together. But the military man didn’t just have a huge impact on the golf pro’s game; he also influenced something almost as iconic as Woods himself. His celebration!

With 82 wins on the PGA Tour alone, the golf legend has perhaps celebrated in hundreds of different ways. But his most noteworthy one and almost certainly the one most loved by fans is his iconic “fist pump.” And while every golf fan has probably seen it, not many know about how it came to be. Putting it bluntly, had it not been for Earl, perhaps the sport would have never gotten that too!

Talking about it it in the PGA Tour’s recently released interview, ‘The Tiger Effect,’ Woods revealed the incident that started it all. He was playing at the Navy golf course with his father when he was 11 years old. And until then, the golf legend had never once beaten his father yet. But that day he found his chance; after a 20-foot putt on the 17th hole, the young Woods had managed to tie his score with Earl with just one hole to go!


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