Tiger Woods Is Insanely Rich, But Even the Golf Billionaire Stands No Where Near the World’s Richest Athlete

With the several accomplishments Tiger Woods has, it’s unsurprising to see him top almost every chart in golf. Be it the highest earnings on the PGA Tour or professional golfers’ total career earnings, he has blown nearly every record out of the water. And being the only billionaire golfer to date when it comes to the money-winning side of the sport, he is the undisputed GOAT. And yet, despite that, there is another in the sports world that puts Woods’ numbers to shame. Another, who has beaten him in almost everything when looking at the monetary aspect!

Billionaire Tiger Woods loses in the battle of wealth
Having played golf for nearly three decades, the golf legend has won almost $121 million on the PGA Tour alone. Despite that number being as high as many would dream of earning in their lifetime, it’s just the tip of the iceberg for Woods. Besides his earnings on the course, he makes money through his endorsements and other deals too. And through these, he’s made billions in the past three decades.

And despite these huge numbers and dominating the money charts in golf, there is one athlete who has him beat! NBA legend, Michael Jordan As per a recently released report by Sportico, MJ has significantly outshone the golf star!

Since first being drafted in 1984, the former NBA star has earned nearly $3.3 billion, after being adjusted for inflation. Before making inflation adjustments, the amount stood at $2.37 billion. The stunning stat here is that his pre-adjusted earnings are almost as much as Woods’ earnings post-inflation adjustment, which stands at $2.5 billion.

Putting that into perspective, Jordan has basically earned nearly $1 billion more than Woods has throughout his career! Moreover, MJ is also nearly a billion dollars more valuable than the golf pro too who is worth $1.1 billion, while the six-time NBA champions is worth $2 billion!


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