‘I Will Not Retire From Life’- After $300 Million Bounty, Billionaire Roger Federer Delivered Hard-Hitting and Emotional Note to Life Beyond Tennis in 2018

In 2018, Roger Federer ended his 20-year association with Nike. The Swiss Maestro had signed a new deal with Japanese clothing company Uniqlo. The deal was, significantly higher than his previous agreement with Nike. However, the decision was not solely based on money. Federer once revealed that Uniqlo’s commitment to him in his playing days was a key factor. Furthermore, he also stated that the sportswear brand shared Federer’s lifelong vision to empower impoverished children through education.

After parting ways with Nike, Uniqlo’s new global brand ambassador shared a poignant note about life after tennis.

Roger Federer once made a strong decision about his brand appeal

The Swiss legend has been associated with numerous brands throughout his career, but none more so than Nike. The decision to end the partnership with Nike was not an easy one. It allowed Uniqlo to establish a partnership with one of the most respected and admired athletes in the world. The company signed a 10-year contract deal with the Swiss Maestro in 2018 which is reportedly worth around $300 Million.

Uniqlo’s approach was to incorporate Federer into their LifeWear range. It aimed at providing comfortable, functional clothing for everyday life. “John Jay in New York, where I had an event there, said it very nicely: ‘One day I will retire from tennis but I will not retire from life,’” Federer stated as Uniqlo’s new global brand ambassador.

This approach was a reflection of Uniqlo’s brand philosophy, which focuses on simplicity, functionality, and quality. The partnership was about creating a shared vision of what a brand should stand for and what it should represent.


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