Paige Spiranac: The most followed golf star reveals how to deal with critics

Paige Spiranac is a person who has been attracting a lot of attention for years. She is the most followed golf star in the world, and it is redundant to talk about the influence she has on all those who follow her. Paige is also one of the best promoters of golf.

In an interview with Golfweek, Spiranac spoke about her current goals; “It’s changed several times throughout my career and will probably continue to change as I grow and learn,” Spiranac said, as quoted by “Right now my ultimate goal is to continue to be one of the leading voices in golf media while showing the world that golf can be fun and inclusive.

It’s also important to me to break down the social construct surrounding women and their bodies”.

Paige Spiranac talks about the popularity
As Paige pointed out, there are many talented golfers who do not know how to draw attention to themselves and how to become popular in the world of professional golf.

“There are so many talented golf creators out there, so you need to find ways to stand out,” she said. “Luckily, I feel that I was ahead of the curve and early to the golf content space before many others, so I was able to establish an incredible audience and fanbase over the past few years”.

Spiranac has shown her confidence countless times. Criticism from a large number of people does not interest her at the moment, and she is focused on herself and her progress. “I am at the point in my life where I can either just brush off naysayers or even challenge them and prove them wrong,” Spiranac said.

“Which I am not afraid to do. Trust your gut and don’t let others get to you! If you’re like me and can play at a high level, then you should 100 percent take advantage of that and make a name for yourself”.


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