‘Lives for tennis’: Telling truth behind fresh Roger Federer heartache

Roger Federer’s father has explained how much tennis means to his son, in a fascinating insight that makes his latest injury setback harder to stomach.

Federer made the heartbreaking announcement on social media this week that he was set to be ruled out of the sport for “many months” because he requires more surgery on his troublesome knee.

The 20-time grand slam champion has been struggling to battle back from multiple knee surgeries already, but the latest setback has left the tennis world devastated.

Federer’s sad revelation casts serious doubts on his future in the sport, with many fans convinced more than ever that the 40-year-old’s retirement is imminent.

The Swiss ace suggested that more surgery will provide him with a “glimmer of hope” about returning to the sport he has played since the age of 14.

Speaking with Blick magazine during a recent interview, Federer’s father Robert revealed just how much tennis means to the 40-year-old.

“It’s great that he still lives for tennis,” Federer Snr said.

He tried very hard to recover his condition after knee operations, I found it truly admirable.

“Roger continues to live his dream, we respect him without ever getting too much in the way.”


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