‘Three Times More Likely to Die’ – 6 Years After Potentially Fatal Childbirth, Serena Williams Carries the Torch for Black Women in a Stirring Message

The 23-time Grand Slam champion has given the world a strong female figure to learn from. No matter what hurdles or criticisms came towards Serena Williams, she faced them head-on and moved ahead. However, it was back in 2017, when she was giving birth to Olympia, she realized she did not have control over everything. After going through a harrowing experience, Williams paid tribute to black mothers and the struggles they go through during childbirth on the occasion of Black Maternal Health Week.

Despite having one of the most glorious tennis careers of all time, Williams considers her biggest achievement to be her daughter. However, the ‘Queen of the Court’ underwent a life-threatening condition during childbirth and, therefore, she has paid an ode to mothers like her with some heartfelt words.

The American tennis legend had come face-to-face with death while giving birth to her daughter Olympia. However, Williams made sure that it does not turn into a sad saga. She sent her story out in the open and people, especially mothers all over the world, stood in solidarity with her. They shared how so many of them had gone through similar experiences.

So, as the world celebrated Black Maternal Health Week, Williams had a heartfelt yet empowering message. She took to her Instagram and posted a picture of herself with the newborn Olympia and her husband Alexis Ohanian. She stated, “I shared my birth story, and I was stunned by the outpouring of support and similar experiences women have had.”

Williams talked about the dire state of black women who have lost their lives while giving birth. She brought attention to the troubling issue as she wrote, “According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Black women in the United States are over three times more likely to die from pregnancy or childbirth-related causes.”


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