“Terrible Attitude”: Fred Couples Ignores Traditional Warning at the Masters and Triggers Massive Outrage From Golf Fans

The father figure of Tiger Woods, Fred Couples, is a veteran professional golfer who is playing at Masters Tournament again. This is Fred Couples’ 38th appearance at the storied event. He added his name to the list of winners at Augusta National in 1992 while holding the World No. 1 ranking and defeated the 1976 champion Raymond Floyd by two shots. And this year, it was all going great until the senior golfer made an unexpected mistake. The video of his blunder is making rounds on the internet, and the golf world has reacted to it.



Fred Couples’ surprising blunder
On Thursday, Couples shot a 1-under 71. On the back nine, the pro golfer took off and hit birdies with his yellowish-green ball at holes 12, 13, and 15, aka Golden Bell, Azalea, and Firethorn, respectively, before converting an uphill birdie putt at hole 17 (Nandia – Par 4, 440 yards) to get to 2-under. His round was not rendered useless by his three-putt on the 18th Holly hole. But things went a bit south for him.



The pro forgot to shout fore after his errant shot. Golf writer Matt Vincenzi shared Couple’s errant shot video on his Twitter handle. His shot landed right in the spectator alley. The writer said, “Hey Freddy, how about a “fore” next time you almost kill someone!”




The World Golf Hall of Fame golfer’s accomplishments list is long at the Masters Tournament. It includes 30 cuts, 11 top-10 finishes, and multiple 50-and-over performance records, which he tied or created. The 63-year-old shot a final-round 60 to win a PGA Tour Champions competition in North Carolina in 2022. He is an extremely experienced Hall of Fame golfer. And such a mistake is not expected from outstanding golfers like himself. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

Why is shout fore important in golf?
Golfers have been following it sacredly. They shout “Fore!” so no one is hit by an errant shot. When a golfer swings his club hard toward the third fairway while standing on the first tee with all the curious spectators watching, they need to yell “Fore.” It is to alert anyone on the third fairway that they may be in danger and to try to protect themselves as best they can. The golfers have been following this tradition for years. And Couples forgetting it erupted the golf world and other fans.


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