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Maria Sharapova reveals her family struggled during the Chernobyl accident

In a YouTube video uploaded by GQ, Maria Sharapova took fans on a browsing tour through various details posted about her. While scrolling through various alleged Wikipedia facts based on her life, as reported by the Sportsmanor website, the Russian read aloud a line detailing the conditions of her birth which read: “Concerned about the regional effects of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear accident, Maria Sharapova’s parents left their homeland just before Maria was born.” So confirming what is written on the page.

Sharapova then gave further information: “My mother was pregnant during the things that were happening in the Chernobyl region and that’s why I was born in Siberia, and then I moved shortly after, thank goodness.”

Maria Sharapova enthusiastically talks about her new life as a mother
Maria Sharapova is facing a new life.

The tennis player announced her retirement back in February 2020 and now she faces her new path as a married woman and mother of a small child. Sharapova spoke in an interesting interview with the microphones of New Beauty and released interesting statements.

Here are her words: “The role of mother must arrive at a certain point in your life, I felt ready and to tell the truth it was something I’ve always dreamed of. I have an excellent relationship with my mother, we are very close and we share a lot, we are related and this is also why I wanted to have a child so that I could share my experiences with him.


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