‘I Crave It So Often’: Nelly Korda Shows Her Back to Cowardice and Stands Tall on Her ‘Confession’ Despite Fears of Getting ‘Blasted’

In the past few years, we saw Nelly Korda emerging and becoming a fans’ favorite golfer. Her humbleness, cheerful smile, and amazing swings make the golf world go crazy. Recently she revealed her choice of butter, and she knew it might get controversial, hence pleaded also not to blame her. And while it was still the topic of debate, Korda revealed her other favorite drink. What is it? And will fans reckon with it?

Despite joining the LPGA Tour in 2016 and her career just taking flight, fans already love her. The fans love watching her in action. However, she has taken off this week while her fellow players fly to Hawaii for the 2023 Lotte Championship. Therefore, fans are getting to see her on social media more than ever. A few days back, she revealed her favorite spread, which might have been controversial. She wrote on her Instagram story, “Cashew butter is better than almond and peanut butter.”

Americans love peanut butter, and we consider almond butter the best substitute. She knew her fans might not like it; therefore, she pleaded, “Don’t come [at] me.” However, she also asked her fans to try it before dismissing it. In the same way, she has posted her favorite drink in her recent story. She first gave a disclaimer and wrote, “I feel like I’m about to kinda get blasted for this confession.” But then she revealed her drink and asked, “Did anyone else grow up drinking warm milk with honey at night? I crave it so often.” And in her next story, she took honey, mixed it with warm milk in a glass, and wrote, “Had to.”

However, while fans are busy considering the Olympic gold medalist’s food choices, they also wonder why Korda is not playing this week. The reason is not an injury, thankfully, but her own choice. The pro golfer has taken this decision to rest and prepare for the first women’s major championship of this season, the Chevron Championship.


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