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‘A bad memory’: New twist emerges in Novak Djokovic vaccine saga

New details have come to light on the quarantine concerns of Novak Djokovic that leave the World No.1’s participation in next year’s Australian Open under a massive cloud.

The possible absence of many top players including Djokovic is a serious concern after Victoria introduced a vaccine mandate for all professional athletes

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews says his government won’t be granting exemptions for unvaccinated players to enter the state, despite comments from Prime Minister Scott Morrison that un-vaxxed stars can compete, provided they’ve quarantined for two weeks and undergone frequent Covid-19 tests.

Djokovic has refused to reveal whether he is double vaccinated or not, insisting it is a private matter that he doesn’t feel the necessity to disclose.

Images of Djokovic living it up at SummerStage in Central Park after the US Open have sparked rumours that he is indeed vaccinated because the event required attendees to show proof of vaccination to get access to the majority of areas.


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