‘Time for Him to Go and Quit’: Injured Tiger Woods Urged to ‘Step Away’ and Retire by Stephen A Smith

Despite his best efforts, golf legend Tiger Woods stepped down from the Masters Tournament after making yet another cut at the event. The reason? A resurfacing of his knee injury, which clearly left the golfer in pain. But after multiple surgeries and no immediate recuperation, is it time for Woods to consider calling off his career? A renowned sports broadcaster certainly feels so.

Should Tiger Woods retire from golf?
The subject cropped up after the conclusion of the Masters, which left Woods out of the picture after his withdrawal. But it could be a sign of things to come. A sight that could be eliminated if the celebrated golfer decided to hang up his boots.

Famous television sports personality Stephen A. Smith voiced his opinion on the subject after airing a clip of Woods’ struggles during the Masters. “Look at that right there, that is just sad to see,” he said, before making his opinion clear to everyone watching.

“I think it’s time for him to go and quit,” he said on television. He then reiterated it again later on in the show by saying, “He needs to step away.” The 55-year-old media personality has made divisive comments on Woods before, most notably after the latter’s words for LIV Golf last year, which didn’t please Smith.


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