Serena Williams is a stunner in a cut-out gown in bathroom selfie

Serena Williams had quite the eventful start to the weekend, having been one of the attendees at the star-studded wedding of Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz.

She capped it off with a new bathroom selfie she shared of herself in her outfit for the night, a show-stopping gown that showed off her insane figure.

The fuchsia design featured statement shoulder-pads and perfectly hugged her figure while also sporting a revealing cut-out at the chest.

It even featured quite the high slit that allowed her to bare her supremely toned leg in a pair of matching strappy heels, pairing it with a sleek bob

Serena shared another clip of herself in the gown, revealing that she was dead tired after spending an entire night out and was on her way to bed.

She opened up more about her fatigue with a hilarious series of clips she posted the morning after, revealing that she had spent all night out with sister Venus.


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