‘It’s Tainted for Him’: After Taking $100,000,000 From LIV Golf, Brooks Koepka Triggers Massive Scrutiny From the Golf World With Latest Revelation

Brooks Koepka has left no stone unturned to prove his dominance at the Masters Tournament. The golf star is currently on the top of the leaderboard and is very close to claiming the prestigious title. However, despite his commendable lead, Koepka is in the headlines for a rather unexpected reason. It was after he decided to look back on his controversial LIV Golf decision from last year. And now, fans are dropping countless truth bombs about the golfer’s true intentions on the internet.

What did Brooks Koepka say about his LIV Golf decision?
Koepka, 32, has been very confident about his decision to join LIV Golf ever since he left his PGA Tour legacy behind. After receiving the $100 million offer from the Saudi league, the golfer reasoned for his transition saying it was “Just my opinion”. In fact, he also made statements about being “content with every decision I’ve made” after joining the breakaway circuit.

Following his triumphant return to the Masters Tournament, there appears to be a shift happening in the athlete’s mindset. While Koepka has undoubtedly enjoyed a spectacular career on the tour, boasting an impressive four major victories within a span of just two years, including two PGA Championships and two US Open tournaments, his winning streak was unfortunately cut short by a serious injury. The road to recovery was long and arduous, as he battled to regain his strength following a torn patella tendon.


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