‘Heartbroken’: 2X Major Champion Joins LPGA and Others in Mourning the Saddening Loss of Their Greatest Support

Death is always unexpected and upsetting. And recently, the LPGA Tour stars witnessed that shock and trauma firsthand with the loss of their long-time supporter, Tom Murray. The golf enthusiast had changed the lives of many on the tour and changed the course of the tour itself. The harsh reality of his passing left many of the players in shambles, including a 2-time major winner who shared a close bond with the strong-willed fan.

Who was Tom Murray?
Murray was the CEO of Perio, which was the parent company of the Pure Silk brands and Barbasol. On Wednesday this week, the golf enthusiast passed away after a long and raging battle against cancer. His death left a deep void in the hearts of many on the LPGA Tour. After all, he was one of their biggest supporters.

To call the businessman a fan would be an understatement. He was one of the biggest enthusiasts of women’s golf, and he never once failed to show it. In fact, Murray was the first non-golf CEO to partner up with LPGA Tour stars and make them brand ambassadors of Barbasol and Pure Silk.

The golf fanatic even sponsored events on the Tour. For six years, he sponsored the Pure Silk-Bahamas LPGA Classic at the Ocean Club on Paradise Island, an event the famous Jessica Korda also once won. It’s safe to say that Murray left his mark on both the LPGA Tour and its players.

LPGA Tour stars mourn the death of Murray
Lizette Salas, who had been sponsored by Murray’s Pure Silk over a decade ago, was also one of the many who mourned his death. “Tom was a genuine and kind man and a tremendous supporter of the LPGA Tour… I, as well as the tour, wouldn’t be where it is today without the support of Tom and the Murray family,“ she stated as per a recent LPGA report, heartbroken. “His passing is a huge loss to the world of women’s golf.”


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