‘This Man Is Not Human’: Latest Tiger Woods News Triggers Upset and Disbelief in the Golf Community

Tiger Woods’ Masters campaign abruptly ended as the golfer withdrew from the 2023 event due to his injury. Before his unceremonious exit, the golfer struggled to make his record-tying 23rd cut at the Augusta National.



Woods‘ withdrawal announcement on Twitter greatly disappointed the golfer’s longtime fans. On Sunday, however, his fans were surprised to learn new details about the 5-time Masters champion’s injury. The new revelation came from none other than Tiger Woods’ friend and former world no. 1 Jason Day.



Jason Day’s big reveal about Tiger Woods’ injury shocks fans

When talking to the media after his final round on Sunday, 35-year-old Jason Day offered new insight into Tiger Woods’ struggles. The golfer shared that Woods had revealed an extra detail about his injury to Day last year.



According to Jason Day, Woods’ withdrawal from last year’s PGA resulted from a screw that had pierced through the skin of the 47-year-old’s foot. Fans on Twitter couldn’t hide their shock, with one terming the incident as “brutal.”


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