‘Mommy Came In on the Rescue Mission’ – Amid Comeback Hopes, 42-Year-Old Venus Williams’ Cooking Prowess Brutally Trolled by Sister

Venus Williams is injured right now and has some free time on her hands as she recovers. However, her injury isn’t stopping her from experimenting in the kitchen. The tennis legend likes to try her hand at cooking from time to time, and in her latest attempt, she chose to make Shepherd’s pie. She also decided to share her experiment with her Instagram fans.

What followed was hilarious, as Isha Price, the sister of Venus and Serena Williams, gave fans insights into what happened to Venus’ experiment. The incident also featured a surprise appearance by Venus, Serena, and Isha’s mother, Oracene Price.

Multitasker Venus Williams almost makes a mess of her pie

In Isha Price’s Instagram post, she wrote, “Mommy came in on the rescue mission!” She went on to say, “She must have been ready to go”. According to Price, her sister’s Shepherd’s pie didn’t turn out as expected as “she was cooking and watching vids!”


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