‘Leave Right Away’: Paige Spiranac Reveals the Hard-Hitting Impact of the No Cell Phone Policy at the Masters

In an era of selfies, when people love to capture memories and memorable moments in their lives, the ‘no cellphones policy’ at the Masters was a bit of a hassle for some, including LPGA legend, Michelle Wie West. Some, however, did manage to click pictures anyway, landing themselves into severe backlash from Masters fans. But, one could admit that the legacy of Masters is what makes the event phenomenal. Therefore, one might argue that you don’t need your mobile phones to remember the iconic moments at Augusta. Among those who wholeheartedly support this rule, Paige Spiranac is one who joins the crowd. She recently explained how good it was for the game and for her!

Paige Spiranac could finally truly interact with her fans
The former professional golfer was doing a Q&A recently and shared the answers in her Instagram story. One of the fans asked, “Did you get recognized at the Masters?” The golf beauty was happy to answer this question. She said, “Yeah, I did. And it was really nice because normally, like when people come up, they’re like, Hey, I got a picture. They take pictures, and they leave right away, and you’ll get to talk to them.”

Spiranac further explained that since there were no phones at Augusta, she was able to have a conversation with many people. “And I really enjoyed that, too,” said the internet queen. She believes that her fans see her online, and she sees them interacting via comments, which doesn’t top the feeling of actually meeting them. It was a nice feeling for her to actually talk to them. “And it’s nice to when they’re like, oh, like you, you look better in person, or you’re just as nice as you seem, or you know, all of those things,” said the 2018 SI swimsuit model.


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