Hours After His $3.24M Victory, Jon Rahm Gets Compared to Legend QB Tom Brady: ‘He Will Keep Printing Money’

Spanish golfer Jon Rahm created history when he won the first green jacket of his golfing career. All eyes were on Tiger Woods earlier, but he withdrew before the final round. As the play progressed with Brooks Koepkain the lead, it was evident that he would take the trophy home. But then the Spaniard rose to the occasion on the final day and stole the victory in a magnificent play. Now, Rahm is the talk of the town, and so is his future in golf. A famous podcaster put forward his strong views about Rahm regarding the same.

Are there more major victories for Jon Rahm?
The Volume posted a video of John Middlekauff, a well-known podcaster talking about the recent Masters victor, Rahm. “To me, he feels destined to win several Masters” —@JohnMiddlekauff on why Jon Rahm reminds him of Tom Brady.”

He started the video by saying why he respects the PGA Tour golfer. “I respect Jon Rahm. He said in his press conference ‘they offered me more than $400 million.’ That’s what they offered Jon Rahm. He said no.”

Middlekauff further explained why it was significant. According to him, when a sportperson becomes a champion, they tend to make unlimited money till the end of their days. He then gave an example of Tom Brady and compared him with the Masters winner to explain his claims. “Tom Brady, who will never make as much money as Deshaun Watson as a player, he won’t. But do you know what Tom Brady will have till the day he’s died? He will keep printing money” because we will always know Brady as a seven-time Super Bowl champion.


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