‘This Crazy Insane Athlete’ – Serena Williams Reveals When She Was Finally Comfortable With Her Body

Over the years, Serena Williams has overcome all odds to achieve success on the tennis court. Coming from a humble background, she has fought her way to the top of the tennis world. Further, the hard work done during her childhood days has borne fruit as she has gone on to become one of the most decorated players in the sport’s history.

Serena is currently making headlines with her shock retirement news. The 23-time Grand Slam champion has decided to hang up her racquets after the US Open this month. As she nears retirement, Vogue released a video of some of the glorious moments in Serena’s life.

Serena Williams on how a Vogue photoshoot induced confidence in her
In the April 2003 issue of Vogue magazine, Serena posed in a white bikini. Talking about that experience, the American legend said,

“This is a ‘Vogue’ shoot. So, you can see that I came out of the tennis gear for a quick break to have a shoot. This is when I started discovering myself more, just being more confident, because, I mean as you can see here, I’m in a bikini, and ba-bow, you know? But no athlete at that time really had ba-bow, and so it was just like starting to try to be comfortable with my body, because it was like, I was not that average athlete.”


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